United States Food Recommendations

Every country certainly has traditional food or culinary specialties, including typical food from the United States. Uncle Sam’s country includes many unique traditional culinary delights. These various foods can certainly feel more authentic if you try them directly there.

Apple Pie

The first traditional American food is Apple Pie. This dish is arguably the most iconic menu in America. Apple Pie was first introduced to America by British and Dutch immigrants, so that it eventually became a typical American food that is quite popular today. Apple Pie is generally used as a dessert or dessert menu. Usually, Americans serve this Apple Pie with vanilla anilla ice cream, adding a delicious sweet taste.

Hot dog

Hot Dogs are one of the traditional American foods which are still popular today. on th. 1893, sausages are very popular in Chicago, at which time many people say is the invention of the hot dog occurred. Although this dish is claimed to have been invented by a German citizen named Charles Feltman, a Polish immigrant named Nathan Handwerker who became an icon originated from this food in the United States.

Tuna Sandwiches

Apart from hotdogs, you can also try other popular food from America, namely tuna sandwiches. Not only delicious and popular, but this tuna-filled sandwich also has many health benefits. Not without reason, there is a high protein content in tuna sandwiches if you eat them. As is well known, protein is very suitable and good for growth. This tuna-filled sandwich is a food that is in great demand by the citizens of the United States.

Crispy Fried Chicken

Not only tuna is a source of protein for most Americans. If you are traveling in America, just order the superpower’s signature crispy fried chicken. It’s no wonder that fast food crispy fried chicken originating from the United States has traveled the world a lot to various countries and is certainly very tasty on the tongue of connoisseurs. Nowadays, American-style crispy fried chicken already has many innovations. Both from the sauce to the powdered toppings attached to the crispy fried chicken add to the delicacy of the taste. You can already get crispy fried chicken with various flavors on the menu of typical American restaurants in Indonesia.

Tater Tots

Tater Tots is a typical American food similar to French Fries. These mini balls of grated potato, which are cylindrical in shape and fried with a crunchy exterior, can be found in breakfast areas, fast food joints, and other dining areas.


The next typical food from the United States, which is no less popular, is the hamburger. The popularity of hamburgers and cheeseburgers in the US is undeniable. In fact, this food is a favorite menu in almost all over the world.

Various variants can be served in this food menu. You can use any topping to complete the delicacy. If you visit America, this food is a must-try food. If you are interested in tasting the food I would suggest you to try the food at the lakewooddishdash restaurant.